Texbox: A NexT theme port for Textpattern

NexT is a popular theme for the Hexo blogging framework, and Texbox provides a portation of NexT to the Textpattern CMS. Thereby, the Textile markup languague, and many other Textpattern’s powerful features can be used, while retaining the NexT elegant design.


Texbox requires Textpattern v. 4.8.2 or higher, and can be installed as follows:

  1. Install Textpattern and chose the “zero” theme during install.
  2. After installation of Textpattern, the dummy article #1, that has been created automatically (“Welcome to your site”), can be overwritten, and also its associated categories and the comment (by “Donald Swain”).
  3. Grab the current Texbox release file, unzip and place the entire texbox folder into the themes folder of your site directory.
  4. Log into Textpattern’s admin panal, go to Presentation › Themes and import the Texbox theme from the drop-down menue.
  5. Then go to Presentation › Sections, and switch the theme used to “Texbox”.
  6. Then go to Admin › Preferences and set Article URL pattern to /section/title.
  7. Then go to Presentation › Sections, and create the sections categories, tag and timeline. Then link them to the respective pages categories, tags and timeline. Also make sure that the articles section has been linked to the articles page automatically.
  8. Single articles in other sections, for example as about, can be linked to the to the articles page also, and then will be displayed with the section. They will not not counted or displayed as regular articles.
  9. Go to Admin › Plugins, and install and activate the following plugins:
    1. true_tags plugin v. 3.9.2.
    2. soo_toc table of contents generator


Texbox is published under the MIT licence

The hexo-theme-next licence requires that a covered work must retain «NexT» official website link (https://theme-next.js.org) in the footer section of every website created, modified or manipulated by using «NexT».


A demo site for “Textbox” is provided


  • Search has not been implemented yet


  • v0.1 – Initial release
  • v0.2
    • added UI for mobile devices
    • a table of contents will be generated when header tags contain IDs (see PHP-textile issue #213)
    • the main menu now has counts for articles, tags, and categories
    • prev/next tags added at the article footers
    • various design improvements

Some interesting links for the NexT theme